Create a Binance Account

Go to Binance and create an account.

You will need to complete identity verification before you can use VISA/Debit to buy.

Once you create a Binance account you can move on to the next step, some later steps will require Binance access.


Install Metamask Wallet

Visit Metamask's website and download the wallet according to your platform.

Create an account, once it shows a seed phrase make sure to write it down somewhere that you won't forget! IMPORTANT!

After creating the Metamask wallet, you should now see the Metamask icon in the top right corncer of your browser. If you do not see the Metamask icon, click on the extensions tab and pin it.

You should now see something similar to the assigned image.


Connect to Smart Chain

Click on "Ethereum Mainnet" at the top of Metamask and choose "Custom RPC" from the dropdown list. Input the information provided below:

Network Name: Smart Chain
ChainID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:

Once you've inputted all of the correct information, you can click the "Save" button in the bottom right of Metamask.


Withdraw BNB to Metamask

Now you can go back to Binance. You're going to need to purchase BNB. This will be used to swap to MOONCUM.

Once you've purchased BNB you will then withdraw crypto from Binance and send it to your Metamask Smart Chain address.

Your Metamask wallet address can be found by clicking the "Account 1" button at the top of the Metamask extension.



Go to our PancakeSwap link.

This will bring you directly to the MOONCUM-BNB swap page. You then enter the amount of BNB you want to exchange and it will give you an estimated amount of MOONCUM received in the bottom box.

Before clicking "Swap", make sure that you set your slippage to 12% (red arrow in image). If you are prompted with an error, you can always try again with a higher slippage. To change slippage percentage, click the slider icon in the top right.

Now you can click the big blue "Swap" button!


Add MOONCUM to Metamask

The last step is to add MOONCUM as a custom token on Metamask. At the bottom of the Metamask screen, click "Add Token". It will then ask you for a "Token contract address" to which you need to input the following address:


Once you paste in the token address, it will auto-fill the other two boxes with the correct information. Now you can click the button in the bottom right of the "Add custom token" screen and just like that - you're all done!