Scaling Tokenomics

Fees developed to scale in correlation to the total supply. Fees will increase or decrease in percentage as total supply shrinks.

Deflationary by Design

Burn of tokens per transaction promotes a constant deflationary asset, encouraging value.


Autonomous verification of contract functions provides secure scaling allowing seamless transactions for investors.

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How To Buy


Through MOONCUM's contractual utility, all investors will be rewarded for owning $MOONCUM. MOONCUM provides robust tokenomics to supercharge our investor's holdings.


2% of every transaction will be burned. This percentage will decrease as total supply shrinks.

Passive RFI Yields

4% of every transaction will be weightedly reflected to current holders. This percentage will increase as total supply shrinks.

LP Providance

4% of every transaction will be automaticly swapped and injected into the total liquidity pool. This percentage will decrease as total supply shrinks.

Innovative Tokenomics

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Asset Roadmap

Cumworthy scalability and tokenomics provide a heightless ceiling.

  • Development and deployment of smart contract to Binance Smart Chain
  • Deploy first large airdrop (10M $MOONCUM)
  • Initiate marketing campaign and develop strategies to grow social media pipeline
  • Obtain verified listing from tracking sites such as LiveCoinWatch, Nomics, and BSCScan
  • Deployment of V2 website in collaboration with V2 migration
  • Publication of V2 whitepaper in collaboration with V2 migration
  • Obtain listing on first-layer tracking sites such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko
  • Extended marketing campaign to social media influencers on all platforms
  • Deployment of additional offerings in ecosystem alongside branded dApps
  • Full contract audit by Solidity Finance with publication of results
  • Educational articles on DeFi finance published to website; video content introduced to social media
  • Deploy exclusive airdrop utilizing CoinMarketCap's airdrop utility
  • Design and release of MOONCUM branded merchandise and products
  • Increased focus on community outreach for partnerships with first-layer brands
  • Research and development of additional offerings in MOONCUM's ecosystem, such as NFT's and dApps
  • Continued development of ecosystem and enhanced integration with dApps
  • Develop relationships with major companies and brands to adopt MOONCUM as tender for payment processing
  • TBA

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Setting a Higher DeFi Precedent

MOONCUM's novel scaling tokenomics are defining a new era in DeFi crypto-assets, pushing for a more secure and self-governed crypto-market for investors.


MOONCUM's contract functionality was developed to be 100% automated. With plenty of tokens failing to provide automated burns alongside other token functionality, MOONCUM hopes to elevate the expectations of BEP20 token standards.

Scaling Thresholds

On top of the automated contract, MOONCUM has token thresholds that alters all functionality percentages. Much like Bitcoin halvings, MOONCUM aims to create an exciting moment for investors as these thresholds are met.


Full Transparency

MOONCUM provides full aspect transparency to investors, creating relationships that continously grow the crypto-asset to new heights.

Team Revealed

To gain a reciprocated trust with investors and community members, MOONCUM has revealed their team members.

Active Support

The team is constantly active on social medias and group chats in order to solve any issues or answer any questions by the community. Evolving this point, there are support and contact pages on our website.



Community Driven

MOONCUM was developed with a community-first mentality, catering focused development and support to target investor's needs and wants.


On top of MOONCUM's auto-liquidity functionality, anybody is able to contribute liquidity to the pool. This is not only to create a higher value in the pool, but to also allow investors the opportunity to capitalize on any potential gains through LP and LP fees.


Everybody is encouraged to use our official branding & images. These are free to use on our branding page and are aimed to create a community-driven social media presence.


Meet the Developers

MOONCUM's development team aims to exceed all standards set in DeFi cryptocurrency, allowing for a greater and more transparent future.