MOONCUM is a deflationary BEP-20 token with auto-scaling functionality built into the contract. With token burn, liquidity providance and passive RFI yielding, MOONCUM aims to create a higher expectation from meme tokens.

Cryptocurrency investors tend to look for four major selling points, MOONCUM was built with all these points in mind:

  • Quick Gains
  • Trust & Transparency
  • Community Involvement
  • Store of Value

QUICK GAINS There is no guarantee for any amount of return on investment, especially when attaching a certain timeframe to it. However, MOONCUM's scaling token burn function was created with the intention of providing the most rapid increase in value at the beginning of the token's timeline. This is possible due to the supply and demand relationship; MOONCUM has higher burn rates with higher total supply, so the supply with diminish quicker at the beginning.

TRUST & TRANSPARENCY Plenty of meme tokens in the cryptocurrency space vandalise the authenticity and trust that newer crypto projects receive. MOONCUM does not want to be one of those meme tokens, and would much rather provide a valuable contract that can succeed regardless of the meme branding. Due to MOONCUM's automatically scaling contract, this project is a long-term commitment from the devs and releasing team information on the MOONCUM website was a necessary stepping stone to create a reciprocated trust from the community. If you have any questions or concerns about MOONCUM, there are plenty of avenues for support where the team is always transparent with the #MOONCUMARMY.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT MOONCUM holds community as a top priority, the stronger the community is, the stronger the token is. Since this value is in place, you can count on MOONCUM support to respond quickly and help you out with any issues until the issue becomes resolved. On top of this, there are plenty of MOONCUM airdrops that happen on social medias, there is a strong believe of giving back to the people that made MOONCUM possible. There is also coordination between the MOONCUM developers and the community on updates and improvements. To make the best possible user experience, there are apps developed on the MOONCUM website specifically designed to create more value to the retail investors and community members.

STORE OF VALUE MOONCUM was created as a token that could be used as a safe store of value in the long term. Due to auto-scaling token burns, as more transactions are made (or as time goes on), there will be a depleting token burn rate. This, along with the auto-liquidity feature will exponentially stabilize the token’s value, creating what could be used as a long term store of value. The MOONCUM token also provides passive RFI yield to incentivize long-term holding and to accelerate investments.



MOONCUM is a smart contract token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This decision was made because the Ethereum fees were/are much higher than BNB fees; with the lower fee rates, there are more opportunities for investors that don't have substantial portfolios.

There is a max supply of 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) MOONCUM, there will never be more than this amount as MOONCUM is a deflationary asset.

Along with max supply, there is a max transaction amount in place to prevent community whales moving the market within a single transaction, this max transaction amount is set to 20,000,000 MOONCUM.

Every transaction will incure a 10% fee that will be split up amongst three functions - reflection, auto-liquidity and token burn. These fees will auto-scale based off total supply but will always have a sum of 10%. Please visit the attached table for all rates.

Total SupplyReflectAuto-LPBurn
900 million+4%4%2%
800 million+4.1%3.95%1.95%
700 million+4.2%3.9%1.9%
600 million+4.3%3.85%1.85%
500 million+4.4%3.8%1.8%
400 million+4.5%3.75%1.75%
300 million+4.6%3.7%1.7%
200 million+4.7%3.65%1.65%
100 million+4.8%3.6%1.6%

Functionality Explained

REFLECTION Any wallets that are holding MOONCUM tokens will be given a portion of the reflection fee based off how many MOONCUM tokens they hold. This is also known as RFI yield. The reflection rate starts at 4% and increase by 0.1% every time the total supply gets burnt by another 100 million, giving a max reflection rate of 4.9%.

AUTO-LP Transactions will convert a percentage of tokens into a MOONCUM liquidity pair and automatically add it to the pool. The reason for auto liquidity is to create more price stability over time as well as giving buyers and sellers more liquidity to transact upon, which provides more value. This rate starts at 4% per transaction and scales down to 3.55% at the lowest.

TOKEN BURN Upon every transaction, there will be a burn fee where a percentage of the tokens sent will be redirected the zero address (0x00000...). This is the common burn address that tokens use because it does not belong to an entity. By doing this, we take the burnt tokens out of circulation forever - theoretically adding more value to the tokens that are currently in circulation. The burn rates decrease from 2% to 1.55% over the span of the token's lifetime.


Goals and Future

USE CASE The main use case for MOONCUM is to create a store of value for investors; this is possible due to our deflationary functionality and long-term scalability. The token can also be used as remittance for transactions on the Binance Smart Chain.

SHORT-TERMIn the immediate short-term, MOONCUM aims to become listed on first-layer tracking sites such as CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, etc. There is also the goal of having a successful launch of the first couple website applications designed specifically for the #MOONCUMARMY. On top of this, there will be work towards receiving a full contract audit by Solidity Finance.

LONG-TERMFor long-term goals, MOONCUM would like to create a full fledged content hub for cryptocurrency; this would include educational content, both free and premium versions for token holders. On top of this, additional branding such as official merchandise would be a huge priority in the long-term. Around this time, partnerships with first-layer brands, NFTs, and additional web apps and iOS/Android apps are on the long-term list for MOONCUM.


More Than a Token

MOONCUM was made to become more than just a token. With community as a top priority, there are constant developments in place to give as much value back to investors and the #MOONCUMARMY. This includes but it not limited to: website applications specifically built for the MOONCUM token, potential for MOONCUM and crypto related merch, community involvement in updates and more.

The MOONCUM brand is creating a new precedent for meme tokens and is aiming to become bigger than the token itself.